Welcome to the Historic Rancho Park Golf Club.

The largest active club in Southern California. The most tournaments. The biggest payouts.

The most fun.

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$125 Gets you RPGC & SCGA Membership.  Your membership is good for 12 months from the day you join.

Why is Rancho Park Golf Club the best club to join?

·  New members are eligible for a 30 day free trial
·  more tournaments than any other club in Los Angeles
·  At least two free tournaments a year (including Soule Park and Ojai Valley Inn).
·  Our rounds finish in about four hours (not 5+ hours like general public play).
·  The most generous tournament scrip prize pools in the City of Los Angeles.
·  Last year members were awarded over $60,000.00 in scrip for tournament prizes.
·  Last year there was over $50,000.00 paid out in Skin Games prizes during tournaments.
·  Minimum of two tournaments each month at Rancho Park. At least one on a weekday and one on a weekend.
·  20 tournaments each year away from Rancho Park.
·  Four-Ball Championship; Match Play Championship; 3-Day Club Championship; Tournament of Champions.
·  MGA and SCGA Team Play opportunities.
·  Three-day end-of-the-season weekend in Ojai.

As part of your SCGA membership, you will receive a number of benefits and services, including:

· A USGA/GHIN Handicap Index
· USGA and SCGA/GHIN affiliate membership and electronic handicap services.
· Eligibility to compete in regional SCGA and CGA championship tournaments (Pebble Beach).
· Competitive playing opportunities throughout the Southland for all skill levels
· Access to premier and private courses through our Member Outings program
· SCGA group travel opportunities
· A subscription to the SCGA’s FORE magazine