Welcome to the Historic Rancho Park Golf Club.

The largest active club in Southern California. The most tournaments. The biggest payouts.

The most fun.

....and new members play for free in their first tournament.

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$125 Gets you RPGC & SCGA Membership.  Your membership is good for 12 months from the day you join.

Why is Rancho Park Golf Club the best club to join?

·  New members play in their first tournament for free ($66 dollar value)
·  Additionally, we also have one free tournament a year at Soule Park in Ojai.
·  Our rounds finish in about four hours (not 5+ hours like general public play).
·  The most generous tournament scrip prize pools in the City of Los Angeles.
·  Last year members were awarded over $56,000.00 in scrip for tournament prizes.
·  Last year there was over $35,000.00 paid out in Skin Games prizes during tournaments.
·  Minimum of two tournaments each month at Rancho Park. At least one on a weekday and one on a weekend.
·  10-12 Away tournaments each year away from Rancho Park.
·  Four-Ball Championship; Match Play Championship; 3-Day Club Championship; Tournament of Champions.
·  MGA and SCGA Team Play opportunities.
·  A variety of scrip prize redemption centers (Amazon.com, Roger Dunn, Golf Fitness Los Angeles, Plaza Golf, and more).

As part of your SCGA membership, you will receive a number of benefits and services, including:

· A USGA/GHIN Handicap Index
·  USGA and SCGA/GHIN affiliate membership and electronic handicap services.
·  Eligibility to compete in regional SCGA and CGA championship tournaments (Pebble Beach).
· Competitive playing opportunities throughout the Southland for all skill levels
· Access to premier and private courses through our Member Outings program
· SCGA group travel opportunities
· A subscription to the SCGA’s FORE magazine

Your SCGA membership also includes more than $200 in savings from our partners:

· Roger Dunn / The Golf Mart: $15 gift card
· GolfTEC: $75 Off a lesson plan or swing evaluation
· UnderPar: $20 off green fees
· JC Resorts: $20 off weekend Players Card
· Forelinx: 200 free points ($57 Value)
· Golfshot Pro: $10 off mobile application