The most popular question is "What's my Club Index?" Click here to find out.




1) On the first tee, decide who will keep the Golf Genius scores and who will keep the paper scorecard.

2) The person doing the paper scorecard should put the names in the same order as it appears in Golf Genius. It'll be easier later if you do this. Make sure to use last names, not first names.

3) After the Golf Genius scorer finishes inputting scores on the 18th hole, the app will spit him out to the first hole.

4) The Golf Genius scorer reads the scores aloud (example: "4-5-5-6") and the paper card scorer confirms. Continue through all the holes and fix any errors along the way. After 18 holes, you are done. This process should take about one minute.

5) PLEASE TOTAL YOUR SCORES. We won't hold you accountable for the math, but it makes it much easier for us if you include round totals for each player.

6) After the round, take a photo of the card (right-side-up!) and email it to no more than 30 minutes after your round. Volunteers have already put in a complete day and they're not going to stay until the last group to collect scorecards, so they must be emailed after the round.




Only one person in each foursome should log into Golf Genius. To enter scores, follow the instructions in this video


If you're not going to make your tee time, text the Tournament Chairman before your scheduled time. Failure to send notice will result in a $20 penalty that must be paid prior to playing in a future tournament. Additionally, your greens fees and skins payments will not be refunded for a no-show, regardless of whether you gave notice. Each subsequent no-show will be assessed a $50 fee. 


If a player in your foursome doesn't show up, enter "X" for his score (in the Golf Genius app) on each hole.

Failure to withdraw within 10 days of the tournament will result in the forfeiture of your signup fee.

It's up to you to WD yourself from a tournament. Follow the directions on the Help Page of the website.


Withdrawals outside of ten days will be refunded. Withdrawals inside of ten days will not be refunded, whether or not there's a waiting list.


ALL refunds will be assessed a $5.00 processing fee that covers the credit card processing fee and the cost of all the headaches associated with having to re-juggle flights and tee times. 


Please note, that whether you are on the confirmed roster or on the waitlist, it's your responsibility to WD 10 days before the tournament in order to get a full refund. While you won't be charged anything if you are on the waitlist and don't get promoted, once you are promoted you are IN the tournament and will either be charged $5.00 if you WD 10 days out or if within 10 days, no refund at all. No exceptions so don't bother to ask.

You can find WD instructions under the "Help" menu above.



Too much for this page, but please read it - especially if you're a new player because you will play at a reduced handicap for your first tournament.



To figure out your spot on the waitlist, go to the tournament in question and click on players. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll see where you are on the waitlist. If you are on the waitlist and not called up, you will not be charged.


Club volunteers that are on the waitlist have priority if spots open up. If something opens up within 24 hours of the tournament, and your phone number isn't listed with the club, the next person on the waitlist will be called up.



RPGC has the following Pace of Play regulation in effect: 


If your group is more than a hole behind for more than one hole, each member of the group will receive a 2-stroke penalty.  Continued infractions will be dealt with as follows:


First offense: 2-stroke penalty.

Second offense: On-the-spot DQ and three-month tournament suspension.

Third offense: On-the-spot DQ and one year-tournament suspension.


All penalties are subject to full review by the Pace of Play Committee.

Remember the #1 rule in Pace of Play:  Keep up with the group in front of you. No excuses.  The group behind you is irrelevant, do not worry about them. Your group must keep pace with the group in front of you. Period.

Follow these tips to increase the pace of play:

  • Immediately play a provisional if your ball may be lost.
  • Go directly to your ball after everyone tees off. Don't group together.
  • Hit your ball if you're ready and it's safe, ignore "honors" in stroke play.
  • Putt out, instead of marking, whenever you can (except in Match Play).
  • Go to the next tee when you're done putting, no need to wait for everyone to finish.


Our tournaments feature live scoring, where hole-by-hole scores for each player are input into an app for the rest of the field to view. It is the responsibility of EVERY player, whether they are scoring or not, to make sure that his scores are posted electronically in a timely manner. You should never be more than two holes behind. If the scorer for your group cannot continue scoring for some reason (phone dies, he WDs, he's gone blind, etc...), just ask another member for the log-in and continue for your group.


  • In every group, one person must enter scores electronically and one person must keep a paper card with all four player's scores on it. List the players by last name only. Write the names and scores clearly. Don't put additional info on the card (like games or circles).
  • After 9 and 18, make sure the scores on the paper card match the electronic scores. If they don't match, fix them. You have until 10 minutes after your round to make sure your paper card scores and electronic scores match.
  • After your round, take a photo of your paper card (right side up and on one page) and email it to
  • If your scores aren't posted electronically in a timely manner, your group will be DQ'd.
  • If your electronic scores don't match your paper card scores, you will be DQ'd.
  • If you don't email a photo of your group's scorecard within 30 minutes after your round, the group will be DQ'd.


For rounds played outside of the club, players must post their own scores.  Post your score IMMEDIATELY after your round. Failure to post your score immediately after your round will result in a penalty score being added to your SCGA scoring file. No exceptions. 

If the club makes your tee time, the club will post your score. The only exception to this rule is for the 2nd and later rounds of the "Self Scheduled" tournaments (Match Play Championship & 4-Ball Championship).  In these tournaments, players are required to post their scores, as (C) Competition rounds immediately after completing your round. No exceptions. 



Information on how your winnings will be sent to you can be found on this page. You have 60 days to claim your winnings. No exceptions.

Scrip is earned by placing in a tournament. Skins are earned by winning any particular hole. All tournament winnings (scrip and skins) are paid out in the form of Amazon eGift cards. 


For regular tournaments, our payouts are as follows:


150/100/80/60/40 -- 150/100/50 $2,920.00
150/100/80/60/40 -- 150/100/50 $2,190.00
150/100/80/60/40 -- 150/100/50 $1,460.00


For Major Tournament payouts, navigate to each Major page under the "Policies" drop-down menu, above.


New members without a GHIN index will play to a zero handicap in their first tournament.

New members with a GHIN index will play to 1/2 their handicap in their first tournament.

The Handicap Committee can adjust a player at any time for any tournament. A player can also be adjusted during Major Tournaments, regardless of the policy that states a player's Low Index will be frozen. "Frozen" means that a player's Low Index may not go up during the course of a Major Tournament, but it can be adjusted downward if the Handicap Committee deems it appropriate. When it comes to handicap issues, the Handicap Committee has the final authority to make an adjustment at any time.

All members will play to their Club Index if it is lower than the Current Index or Low Index.


Please note, that your index for the tournament can differ slightly from your up-to-the-minute index because once the tournament, flights, and skins are set up we can not wait until the last second and change everything. So the index you are playing to might reflect an index that is three or four days old.


For most of our events, we do not require players to check in prior to their round. However, a player not on the tee box and ready to play at their tee time will receive a 2-stroke penalty. If still not on the tee box five minutes after their tee time, they will be DQ'd. There will be no refund of green fees, prize pool, or skins money. No exceptions.



For players that are DQ'd or WD, there will be no refund of greens fees, CTPs, prize pool money, or skins entry.



One of the most abused rules in golf. Your ball is considered lost if it is not found within three minutes once you (or your partner or your caddie) begin to search for it.


Cart paths only within 30 yards of all greens (or where marked by the course superintendent by rope, tape, or signs). Penalty: 2-strokes for every violation that
applies to both golf cart drivers and riders. Disabled players are exempt from this policy.



Members shall not play any practice stroke on or near the putting green of the hole last played in any RPGC stroke play event. If a practice stroke is played on or near the putting green of the hole last played, the player shall incur a penalty of 2-strokes at the next hole, except that in the case of the last hole of the round, he incurs the penalty at that hole.


Pursuant to Model Local Rule E-5 stated in Section 8E of Section 8 of the Committee Procedures when a player's ball has not been found or is known or virtually certain to be out of bounds (and the ball is not in a Penalty Area nor has a Provisional Ball been played), the player may proceed as follows rather than proceeding under stroke and distance.


* For two penalty strokes, the player may take relief by dropping the original ball or a substituted ball in the relief area (see Rule 14.3) between Two Estimated Reference Points.

The first is the Ball Reference Point (i.e. where the original ball is estimated to (a) have come to rest on the course, or (b) last crossed into out of bounds.)

* The second is the Fairway Reference Point (i.e. the point on the fairway of the hole being played that is nearest to the Ball Reference Point but is not nearer the hole than the Ball Reference Point).

* The Relief Area is anywhere between a line from the hole through the ball reference point (or within two club lengths to the outside of that line), and a line from the hole through the fairway reference point (or within two club lengths to the outside of that line.

* A diagram clearly illustrating this new Local Rule can be found here.



If you are doubtful of the correct procedure during play, you may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. If you elect to proceed under this Rule, you must do so before taking further action (e.g. making a stroke at the original ball). You should also announce to your fellow competitor (a) that you intend to play two balls and (b) which ball you wish to count if the Rules permit the procedure used for that ball. You MUST report the facts of the situation to the Tournament Committee via email at RANCHOGOLFRULES@GMAIL.COM before turning in your scorecard. The committee will then make a decision. 


Rake the bunkers immediately and efficiently after your stroke out of the bunker without undue delay. The rake should be left outside the bunkers in areas where they are least likely (in most cases, behind the bunker) to affect the movement of any ball hit by the groups behind.



Ground Under Repair (GUR) will ONLY be marked with yellow paint (not white). A ball that is in a GUR area may either be played as it lies or relief may be taken in accordance with Rule 16.1. An area that has a sign that reads Ground Under Repair shall be treated as such. If the player elects to take relief from this GUR, they shall do so outside of the line, rope, or chain that identifies the border of the GUR. 


If you believe a ball is in an unmarked Abnormal Ground Condition, which includes GUR, apply Rule 20.1.c(3) and play a second ball. In this case, a picture of the area MUST be taken and emailed to RANCHOGOLFRULES@GMAIL.COM along with a description of what occurred and a phone number where you can be reached.

USGA-approved measuring devices are approved for use at all events. The USGA decision permits the use of devices that measure distance only; devices that measure other conditions that might affect a player's play (such as wind and slope gradient) are not permitted.


Please adhere to Section I - Etiquette Behavior on the Course in the Rules of Golf handbook. If a member's device makes a sound on the golf course that is a detriment to a competitor, he/she shall report it to the Tournament Chairman immediately after the round. Additionally, undue delay caused by cell phone usage can result in disqualification.

The field will be divided, by index, depending on the number of players registered for the tournament. 


0-71 Players - 2 Flights

72-90 Players - 3 Flights

91-120 Players - 4 Flights


Generally, on weekdays, A/B/C will play from the blue tees, and C will play from the white tees. On the weekends, A will play from the black tees, B & C will play from the blue tees, and D will play from the white tees.



As a general rule, the earlier you sign up for a tournament the earlier you will play. Exceptions include:


* The first two groups will always be rabbit groups, setting the pace of the play for the field.

* Club volunteers will get preferred tee times.

* Players that leave signup notes will have preference over those that don't.

* Players with a history of slow play will be placed in the latter half of the field.


Tee times are usually online at least 48 hours before the tournament and you will always receive an alert. ALWAYS check your time the night before the tournament, as things can change up until that point.

Fees will vary depending on the event. Included in the tournament fee is a prize pool fee, 100% of which goes back to the membership in the form of scrip prizes after each respective tournament. Fees are generally based on the price the club pays for the tees times plus $20 for the prize pool


City home & away tournaments start at either 8:00 am. The official starting time for members will be posted on our website a few days before the tournament. Players are advised to check their tee times the night before the tournament - things change fast and often. Additionally, there are times when the city allows us to go out early, please be ready to do so if called upon. Non-city courses will have variable starting times, depending on the event.


Almost all tournaments provide awards for how you finish in gross or net, and if your ball is closest to the pin on a par-3. For more information, visit this page.

Ties will be broken by the USGA method of matching back nine scores.
 If the tied players have the same score for the back nine, the winner will be determined on the basis of the last six holes, the last three holes, and finally by starting at 18 and going backward until the tie is broken. For net tiebreakers, we use the USGA method of breaking ties. The process is the same, but players get their strokes as follows: 1/2 handicap back nine, 1/3 handicap back six, 1/6 handicap back three. Additionally, handicaps are rounded to the nearest whole number with .5 being rounded up - so an 11 handicap on the back nine is a 5.5, rounded up to 6. If it is necessary to break the tie starting with hole 18 and going backward, the strokes shall be applied to each hole in accordance with the hole handicap (i.e. a player with a 3 handicap, shall receive one stroke on each hole of handicaps 1, 2 and 3).  More information can be found here


If the city doesn't allow carts on the day of the tournament, the tournament will be canceled (but players can still play on their own by paying at the starter). Refunds will be issued to all registered members if the city doesn't allow carts.


Members shall be required to know and practice USGA Rules on Etiquette. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times, irrespective of how competitive they may be. This is the spirit of the game of golf. Failure to demonstrate etiquette and decorum will be considered to be a serious breach of Club policy and may be reviewed by the Board of Directors to determine sanction or penalty. In addition to any disciplinary action recommended by the Grievance Committee, you may be restricted to enter future tournaments and possibly expelled from the Club.


All play shall be in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf and the course local rules.  It is the responsibility of each member to know the rules of stroke play.  If in doubt on the golf course with any rule, play a second ball for a later ruling by the Tournament Chairman and or the Rules Committee Chairman. The club also requires that our members have an understanding of the USGA Decisions On The Rules of Golf and the specific conditions under which the competition is to be played. (USGA Rule 33-1). Please adhere to Section I - Etiquette Behavior on the Course in the Rules of Golf handbook. 


For Tournaments played at Rancho Park, the club Local Rules are in effect. These rules are spelled out on the tournament rules sheets and on the RPGC website, which is accessible 24/7/365. To read the Local Rules, click here.



We strongly encourage that you include your email address and phone number on your profile page.  Club communications are strictly done via email.  If there's a change in tournament status, you will be emailed this information.  If we don't have your email address, you will be out of the loop.


For all RPGC tournaments, the Competition Committee shall be composed of the Tournament Director for that tournament and the Rules Committee. This committee need only be formed when there is a dispute or decision required. Any dispute or doubtful point on the USGA Rules or RPGC policy must be submitted verbally, in writing, or emailed to the Tournament Chairman within forty-eight (48) hours after the stipulated round of golf. If a dispute involves two parties, it will be the burden of the member making an allegation to provide a written or email copy of the pertinent USGA Rule or RPGC policy verbatim for reference to support the claim. Timely witness statements are welcomed to facilitate the disposition of the claim. The Competition Committee shall review the dispute and/or doubtful point and provide the final decision and disposition.