The Original Arnold Palmer plaque at Rancho Park


(Arnold Palmer at Rancho Park)


On the tee box of hole number eighteen we have a plaque that reminds golfers of the ups and downs of the game.  No matter how bad your round is going you can always finish better then the 1961 PGA Golfer of the Year, Arnold Palmer.


The plaque reads:


On Friday, January 6, 1961, the first day of the 35th L.A. Open, Arnold Palmer, Voted Golfer of the Year and Professional Athlete of the year, took a 12 on this hole.  As an inspiration to all golfers, the L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce dedicated this monument on January 3, 1963.


How Palmer Made his 12:


After hitting a fine drive, he proceeded to hit two shots into the driving range and two more onto Patricia Avenue. He hit his sixth shot to the gree and two putted. These eight strokes, plus four penalty strokes, added up to 12.