Q: What the heck, I'm not a zero, why has my handicap been reduced?

A: Please refer to our Handicap Policy page.


Q. When can I cancel and still get a full refund?

A. Cancellations made outside of 48 of tee off time will receive a full refund, less a $5.00 processing fee (that the club paid the credit card company for your initial signup). Cancellations within 48 hours of a tournament will not be refunded unless you are replaced by somebody on the wait list.


Q: When does the early bird rate expire for tournaments?

A: If you sign up 10 days or more before the tournament date, you will get $10 of price of the tournament.


Q: What position am I on the wait list?

A: Go to the tournament page in question. Click on "Players". Scroll down and you'll see the wait list.


Q: The registration page isn't taking my credit card payment?

A: Make sure you have "United States" selected in the drop down menu. Other times you may just have to change "Street" to "St." or change your name from "David" to "Dave." In other words, just jiggle up a couple things and sooner or later it will take. Although a few players have had initial problems with the sign up form, eventually all of them were able to get through.


Q: The registration page STILL isn't allowing me to sign up.

A; DO NOT use autofill. If you do, the box for you three digit security code box won't show up. As soon as you start typing, the box will magically appear.


Q: What's the difference between skins and scrip?

A: Scrip (not script) is earned by placing in a tournament or winning a closest to the pin contest. Any time you enter a tournament, you are eligible to win scrip. Skins, on the other hand, is a side game that you pay for at the check in table. It's run outside the club and anything earned in the skins game will be paid out by Venmo. For more on scrip, go here. For more on skins, go here.


Q: I'm not getting emails, how do I fix it?

A: Go here and follow the instructions.


Q: Do I post my own scores?

A: Yes, when you make your own tee time you post your scores. When the club makes your tee time, we will post your scores.


Q: What is live scoring?

A: Most of our tournaments will include live scoring. Somebody in your foursome needs to input scores into the app. If your scores are not in the app, or if they don't match the paper card, you will be DQ'd. Ask another member for help if you are having any trouble.


Q: What's the max score  I can take on a hole?

A: There is no max score you can take on a hole, there's just a max score you can post after the round. If you take a nine on a hole, write nine on your card and in live scoring, but when you post your score take any strokes off that are above net double bogey.


Q: How did Trump get elected?

A: A perfect blend of American idiocy and Russian hacking.


Q: When does my membership expire?

A: One year from when you joined the club. The SCGA will send you a reminder, so make sure you have your email address on file with the club.


Q: I'm a senior, how do I make sure I get a senior discount when I join the club?

A: Email Thor with your LA City Senior Card number.


Q: What's my Club Index?

A: Go here to check your Club Index.