The following comprises everything you need to know about RPGC's Match Play Championship. If you have further questions, contact the Tournament Chairman.

You can follow the tournament as teams advance by checking out the 
brackets page.

This tournament is open to RPGC Members who are (a) members in good standing, (b) who have an established low index, and (c) who have competed in at least three RPGC sanctioned tournaments within 12 months prior to this tournament. Participation in the same event the year prior does not count as an eligible round.


Stroke play. Maximum 32 players in each flight.  The top 16 players in each flight, according to net scores, advance to the Knock-Out stage of the tournament.

Players will tee off according to flight.  Championship, then President, then Vice-President.  As players enter the bar after their round to receive a free beer/beverage coupon, the Tournament Committee will officially tally the scores.

After the round, if your name is not in the top 16 (net) in Golf Genius it means you did not advance to the Knock-Out stage. 

Tiebreakers for the Play-In round will be determined by a net card off. Back nine, back six, back three, then 18, 17, 16 etc until a winner is determined. In the rare event that the players are still tied after all tiebreaking procedures have been exhausted, a coin flip shall determine the winner.



Once the Play-In round is over, all further rounds will be head-to-head, single elimination (match play) matches.  The last players standing in each flight will get their names on the trophy.

Because this is a Major Tournament, all competitors will be required to use their 12-month "Low Index" or "
Club Index" - whichever is lower. This index will be frozen from moving up during the tournament, but your index (either Low or Club) can always move down mid-tournament. 



If Player A is a 10 handicap and Player B is a 14 handicap, Player A plays to a zero and Player B plays to a 4. Player B will receive a stroke on each of the four lowest handicap holes.

Match play shall be played on any 18-hole championship length golf course. Championship Flight competitors shall play from the BACK tees. All other flights shall play from the SECOND tees from the BACK (for Rancho the BACK tees are Black, the SECOND tees are Blue). Report the match results via email (NOT TEXT) to the Tournament Director after completion of the round.  Again, for the second round and beyond, post your scores as (CH) Competition rounds and post your scores IMMEDIATELY AFTER your round. Failure to post your score immediately after the round will result with a penalty score added to your file. There will be no exceptions to this rule, so if you find a penalty score on your record please don't bother complaining or sending an email. 

It is the responsibility of ALL players in each match to find a mutually agreeable date, time and course for the match to be completed by the deadline. Failure to complete your match by the deadline may result in disqualification. Please communicate with the Tournament Director by EMAIL if there are any problems or difficulties in scheduling and completing your match by the deadline. 


If players cannot agree on a date, time or course to play the following tiebreakers will be used:


1. If players cannot agree to play during the week or on the weekend, the weekend takes preference.

2. If players cannot agree on Saturday or Sunday, Saturday takes preference.

3. If players cannot agree on a time to play, the tee time closest to 9:00 am will be used.

4. If players cannot agree on what course to play the following list is used to select a course in order: Rancho, Wilson, Harding, Encino, Balboa, Hansen Dam, Woodley.

Because this is a self-scheduled tournament after the first round, it will run from June until September.  RPGC encourages players have a current City of Los Angeles Golf 
Reservation Card in order to schedule tee times at any of the City golf courses. 

Failure to effectively communicate with the Tournament Director and play your match by the deadline WILL result in disqualification.

All match play shall be in accordance with the USGA Rules of Golf, including USGA Rule 21. It is the responsibility of each partner to know the rules of match play and how they differ from stroke play. 

Before commencing play of your match, all competitors shall agree in advance with how to determine the "tiebreaker". Consensus shall be reached prior to the start of your match. Tie breaker examples include:

1. Resume with hole-by-hole play if permitted by the golf course operator until a hole is won.

2. Play another 18-hole match, so long as this match is completed by the posted deadline.

3. A coin flip to determine the winner.

4. Use a CARD OFF method to determine the winner. Back nine, back six, back three, then 18, 17, 16 etc until a winner is determined. In the rare event that the players are still tied after all tiebreaking procedures have been exhausted, a coin flip shall determine the winner.

In the event option #1 is selected and a tie still exists after the second 18 holes or play cannot continue due to darkness, it is recommended that another 18-hole match be played. If this cannot be scheduled before the deadline then another option should be agreed upon prior to the state of the match. If the competitors cannot reasonably settle who is the winner of the match by the designated deadline, it will be the Tournament Director’s discretion on how the winner of the match will be decided. The Tournament Director’s decision on this matter will be deemed final. When using option #1 or #2, handicap strokes shall continue to be used on the same holes as they were in the first 18 hole match. 

If the competitors cannot reasonably settle who is the winner of the match by the deadline, it will be the Tournament Chairman's discretion on how the winner of the match will be decided. The Tournament Chairman's decision will be final.

In the event the match has been "closed out" before 18 holes have been played, the stipulated round is deemed to have been completed.  Once the Match has been completed, each player MUST post net par for any hole remaining to be played. A net par is the assigned par for a hole, plus any handicap strokes which the player would be entitled to receive on that particular hole (based on current course handicap.)


Win, lose, or draw - after completing a match it is the responsibility of BOTH players to immediately post their scores (as Competition CH) and for somebody in the group to email the completed scorecard to the Tournament Chairman. Please take the photo right side up, not upside down or sideways. Players who submit sideways photos will be mocked accordingly.


The club will post your score for the first round only. After that, you are responsible for posting scores as Competition (CH) scores. Failure to post as a Tournament Score or failing to post immediately after completing your match will result in a penalty round being issued to your scoring file. No exceptions. There's a great GHIN app that makes it easy to post your scores from your phone, we suggest you download it.

Play-in round – Saturday, May 21
2nd round – June 13
3rd round – July 4
Semi Final – July 25
Final - August 15

Champion (3): $500 
Runner-up (3): $200
Semi Finalists (6): $100 per player

30 points for the Champion
24 points for the Runner-Up
15 points each for Semi Finalists (2 players)
6 points each for Quarter Finalists (4 players)

(Points above do not include additional participation points....)


Thor Tandberg

Tournament Chairman