2022 TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS (Free for those who qualified)

The members listed below have qualified for the 2022 Tournament of Champions (TOC), which is at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa on Sunday, October 2, 2022.

To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, one of these conditions must be met:

1) Finish in 1st in any RPGC event.


2) Participate in a winning team competition (MGA City Title and/or SCGA Division Title) at a ratio of 50% match participation and 50% points success rate.  Captains of MGA/SCGA winnings teams qualify regardless of individual percentages.

3) Finish within 30 points from the top of the GOTY 
leaderboard by the time the TOC takes place.

The club will cover the greens fees for 2022, but all players need to put in $20 for the prize pool. If there is room, players who have not qualified can sign up to play but the club will not cover their greens fees - and they will not be eligible for scrip or GOTY year points.  That said, they can still play in the skins game.



Alex Resurreccion 2021 Soule Park
Todd Wade 2021 Soule Park
Jim Bernard 2021 Soule Park
Pat Carrier 2021 Soule Park
Mike Hoy 2021 Soule Park
Harry Botwick 2020 Soule Park
Mark Stanley 2021 Soule Park
Herb Chase 2021 Soule Park
Bryan Crocker 2021 Tournament of Champions           
Daryl Parker 2021 Tournament of Champions
Doug Whithorne 2021 Tournament of Champions
Lee Ross 2021 Tournament of Champions
Val Garay 2021 Tournament of Champions
Mike Castillo

2021 Tournament of Champions

Geno Andrews Rancho 10/10
John Given Rancho 10/10
Shahid Khan Rancho 10/10
Alim Shamji Rancho 10/10
Alex Kim Rancho 10/14
Karl Kaul

Rancho 10/14

Phil Syrett

Rancho 10/14

Jacob Draeger

Rancho 10/14

David Wright

Rancho 10/14