This prestigious trophy is awarded to the member who earns the highest number of points from tournaments during the course of the RPGC calendar season.

The GOTY competition is based upon a player's net finish in each flight, using the following point system: 10 points for 1st, 9 points for 2nd, 8 points for 3rd, 7 points for 4th, 6 points for 5th, 5 points for 6th, 4 points for 7th, 3 points for 8th, 2 points for 9th, and 1 point for 10th. One extra point is awarded for participation, so the entire field of every tournament automatically gets a point.

Triple points are awarded for the following Tournaments: Club Championship, Match Play Championship , Four-Ball Championship and the Tournament of Champions.

Foursomes will be paired according to the current GOTY standings for the Tournament of Champions

In the event that two or more members tie in the final GOTY standings, the player who earned the most points in the Tournament of Champions will be declared the winner. If members are still tied after the first tiebreaker, the members will be declared co-champions.






1957 Steve Safire 1958 Chuck Brenkus 1959 Bernie Singer 1960 Erwin Necheles
1963 Sam Kadish 1966 Evets Grebdnat 1991 Alfred Cohen 1992 Stan Moss Jr.
2005 Robert Shrier 2006 Jung Woo 2007 Jung Woo 2008 Devesh Purohit
2009 Matt Zaal 2010 Eddie Repanich 2011 Todd Wade 2012 David Akhavi
2013 Jay Lappen 2014 Dave Ziebarth 2015 Sean Akhavi 2016 Gonzo Paigen
2017 Tristan Crown 2018 Jim Blank 2019 Frank Rosato 2020 Doug Whithorne